Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Training

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Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Training

The Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot (A.o. auropalliata) is found in Central America and has become sought after for the pet trade in the United States and around the world. The popularity of the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot as a pet has contributed to its spectacular decline in the wild.

Loss of habitat due to large scale deforestation is the primary pressure adversely affecting the numbers of the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot in the wild however, trapping and the raiding of nests for the supply of birds for the lucrative pet market has had a massive impact on numbers as well.

The Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot is well known for its talking or mimicking abilities which makes them very popular as a pet. One of the best examples of the talking abilities of a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot is Groucho, owned by Natural Encounters Incorporated.

Groucho the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot knows seven different songs and is bilingual. Unfortunately, many spur of the moment decisions are made to own a parrot by members of the public watching a well trained parrot like Groucho without realising the time and effort involved  in owning what is essentially a wild animal.

Anyone interested in owning a parrot as a pet should thoroughly research Parrot Training as it is an essential to build and maintain a relationship with a parrot, especially a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot which have a reputation as being very feisty indeed when they mature and are certainly not a bird for a beginner!

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot Training is best done using positive reinforcement methods to teach the bird how to learn. By Parrot Training or Trick Training your Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot you will be able to open up a clear line of communication with your pet that will allow you to enjoy a lifelong relationship with them.

There are far too many a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot to be found in rescues around the United States as the birds become unmanageable as they mature. Sadly this is a reflection on the owners and the lack of skills in Parrot Training, rather than the Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot themselves.

People do not realise that even a captive bred Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot, or any other parrot for that matter is still a wild animal, with all their natural instincts. Captive bred does not mean domesticated!

A common mistake Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot owners make is that they expect to be able to touch and grab the bird at will but if you think about it, the only thing that would do this to a parrot in the wild would be a predator. In the case of a complete stranger trying to touch a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot will have every instinct in its body wanting to defend itself and get away. In the case of a clipped or caged bird, this option has been taken away, so it’s no wonder the parrot may bite!

For these reasons it is essential that the owner of a Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot learn to read their body language and respect their right to not want to be touched and learn to communicate with their pet by learning good Parrot Training skills to teach their Bird Tricks and by doing so build a strong relationship with their parrot based on trust and clear consistent communication.







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