Parrots As Pets

Parrots As Pets

Parrots As Pets

How are Parrots As Pets? This is a question that I often get asked which is great! In fact far too often there are people out there who rush into buying a parrot because they saw one on TV or at a bird show or even because it looked pretty in the pet store without researching keeping Parrots As Pets at all!

When I get asked this question my immediate response is that keeping Parrots As Pets is not a great idea for everyone! This may surprise some readers as I have been keeping Parrots As Pets all my life! This is an extremely important point as parrots live for a very long time so keeping Parrots As Pets is a lifetime commitment.

There are far too many unwanted parrots in rescues around the world. Most of these unwanted birds were initially owned by ill informed people who decided on a whim that they wanted to keep Parrots As Pets only to find out too late what they had gotten themselves into!

Those interested in keeping Parrots As Pets must realise that essentially even captive bred parrots are still wild animals unlike dogs and cats which have been domesticated over many centuries and they need to educate themselves on how properly take care of one of these beautiful creatures!

All parrots still have all their natural wild instincts; they are monogamous and will want to bond with only one mate for life so it takes constant effort and training to have a well socialised parrot unlike a dog who will pretty much befriend anyone.

This point alone can make having Parrots As Pets in a home very difficult if everyone in the family is not committed to building a relationship with the bird. A “one person bird” can be a dangerous animal to have in an inexperienced household, particularly parrots of the larger variety!

The next thing to keep in mind when considering keeping Parrots As Pets is that they can be very loud and again an inexperienced owner may inadvertently train the parrot to scream! This unwanted screaming can adversely affect relationships not only with the bird itself but also with fellow family members and neighbours!

Housing Parrots As Pets is another major consideration! Parrots need a cage as large as possible for their particular species with the correct perches and toys that are rotated regularly to keep these very intelligent creatures entertained and content so that they do not develop behaviour problems like biting, excessive screaming and feather plucking and self destruction!

If you are not prepared to spend time with your bird and let it out of its cage every day, clean up after it and entertain it, then keeping Parrots As Pets is certainly not for you!

After reading this you may well ask why anyone would be interested in keeping Parrots As Pets, if this is correct, then I have done my job! You see keeping Parrots As Pets is more than just pet ownership, it is a lifestyle so please don’t jump into it light heartedly!

All this being said, keeping Parrots As Pets can be very rewarding if done the right way! Prospective parrot owners need to educate themselves first so that they in turn can educate their parrot on how to adapt to live in “the human world” in a harmonious way.

The best place for those considering keeping Parrots As Pets or for current parrot owners who want to learn how to teach their parrot how to learn, is at

At Parrot Training School you will learn techniques based on scientific principles that will allow you to build a great relationship with your parrot. By learning these positive reinforcement techniques you will be able to deal with problem behaviours like biting or screaming and better yet, you will be able to prevent these problem behaviours from occurring in the first place and by so doing make keeping Parrots As Pets a very pleasurable and rewarding experience!

If you have any questions on any of the above or would like some friendly helpfull advice please feel free to contact me







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